A Pastor And A Pilot Walk Into A Bar (Reformation Brewery)


Joke #1:   “A pastor and a pilot walk into a bar,  which one buys the first flight”

No, that’s  not an actual joke, however it is a great set up for one, that works well for the founders of Reformation Brewery.  We will let you take their tour or do some research to see how that all makes sense.  What we will tell you is that we enjoyed our tour by Ryan (sales manager), sprinkled with a little history  and great beer on industry night, in Woodstock, Ga.   Reformation touts its self a home brewery that makes old world brew and dabbles in IPAs.   

Being familiar with the award winning, crowd favorite, I opted out of Cadence and went straight for their new seasonal, SABINE.   Saisons are my favorite, so i wanted to see if they got it right.   We haven’t developed a rating system yet at Bartenders Blend, so I am just going to go with “High Five”  Borat’s voice.   Definitely enjoyed this French Saison.   Chris, Reformations “Relationship Manager”, I’m going with the “Pour Master General” of the night quickly hit me with Declaration, another award winning brew, followed by their  Belgian-style White, Union.   

All in all, i had a great time sitting around, drinking what Reformation had to offer and a few gems that are G14 classified (see Rush Hour).   I began to realize as we did so, the experience seemed natural and based on my understanding of how Reformation started, we might have been summoning the spirit of the moments that led Spencer and Nick (Co-Founders of Reformation) to begin the journey.  A journey of Reforming the craft beer world through fellowship and unique flavor.  



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