Scofflaw The G.O.A.T


In certain circles, as soon as you hear or see the term GOAT, you know its an acronym for  “The Greatest Of All Time”.  Now its too early for those who love what Scofflaw does to claim this for their beloved beer company, however their mascot might be foreshadowing inevitability.  I might be laying it on thick, but founders Matt Shirah a corporate executive and Travis Herman a Microbiologist in the Pharmacuticals industry are doing some unique things in Atlanta’s growing craft beer market.



Had a chance to hang out with JP from Scofflaw Brewery and Ty and And Austin of The Craft Beer Factory of Marietta, Ga.   Jay gave us a grand tour of the facility.  All I can say is watch out for Scofflow in the Coming months and years.  TI a local rapper (ironically repped a neighborhood that is a stones throw away from Scofflaws 1,800 sq. new facility), claimed the King of the South early in his rap career and a few others had a lot to say about it.   In 2017 its hard to debate the level of success TI has had in the industry and the claim he made years earlier.  Scofflaw has not claimed this title, however they are making enough noise that we might be looking at the heir apparent! 



Gaining Ground On The Competition


When losing a bet with Shipyard Brewing Company, means winning for the fans.  

Below is a picture of the brew in the works, that was part of a bet with Shipyard Brewing company of Portland Main.  (2017  Superbowl LI)




Basement     Double Jeopardy     Westside     Sneaky Wheat    

Photo Credit 

The Amateur Gastronomer


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